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GalliPro® MS boosts turkey performance

News   •   Jun 13, 2016 19:57 GMT

A recent European study shows that GalliPro® MS boosts weight gain and overall performance in female turkeys.

The 84-day (12-week) study was conducted under commercial conditions in 300 female day-old turkeys, which were evenly divided between 20 floor pens. The birds were bedded on fresh wood shavings and given unlimited access to water and a standard diet based on wheat and soybean meal. In addition, all the turkeys in half of the pens were given recommended concentrations of GalliPro® MS (1.28 x 106 CFU/g); the other half received no additional treatment and served as control. The turkeys were not vaccinated and no antibiotics or coccidiostats were used. 

Researchers recorded individual body weights and pen weight-gain, feed efficiency and feed intake on days 28, 56 and 84. For both the experimental and control groups, they also calculated the European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) using a statistical method that takes into account feed conversion, mortality and average daily gain (ADG). 

Overall, turkeys fed GalliPro® MS significantly outperformed control birds by 6.1% (p=0.028) as measured by EPEF. Throughout the entire study period (days 0-84), turkeys fed GalliPro® MS gained significantly more weight (4%) than birds in the control groups and demonstrated numerically improved feed conversion (Table 1). No mortalities were observed in the study. 

Although no antibiotics or coccidiostats were used in this study, GalliPro® MS is compatible with all other feed additives, including antibiotic growth promoters. In addition, it contains spore-forming bacteria that allow it to survive high temperatures and harsh environments, offering producers even greater ease of use.

GalliPro® MS is a natural microbial product that contains unique strains of Bacillus subtilis and B. licheniformis. The two strains work synergistically to stabilize gut flora while increasing the digestibility of fiber and protein, resulting in enhanced production performance and better returns for producers.